Mulberry Yeats 8kW Freestanding Stove


As elegant as the poetry of its namesake – control, safety, economy, beauty and ecological efficiency. A high output stove that has a large view of the fire through a clear glass door. So fuel efficient that the cost of the stove will be recovered in a couple of winters. ‘Cast a warm eye on life’ with this beautiful Irish designed stove. Available in Boiler & Non Boiler
Power Output Boiler 12.9KW (7.8KW to Water, 5.1KW to Room)
Power Output Non-Boiler 10.6KW
Boiler Version heats 6 standard radiators and domestic hot water
Top and rear flue outlet
Optional Extra: Outside air option available
Riddling grate, Ashpan & Lifter, Cool Touch Wooden Handle
Primary & Secondary Air intake including Air-wash System



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