New Regulations – what do you need to know? 

Since 1st January 2022, new government legislation has been actioned, changing the rules for placing new energy-related products on the market in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. All newly manufactured multi-use and wood burning stoves need to have a SIA (Stove Industry Alliance) approved Ecodesign Ready quality assurance. For stoves with even better eco-credentials, the clearSkies kitemark has been introduced.  

What does Ecodesign Ready and clearSkies mean? 

If you’re looking to purchase a new multi-fuel stove or wood burner, look for a stove with the Ecodesign Ready or clearSkies certificate. The new legislation has been created to improve air quality and help regulate emissions, meaning the stove produces less harmful particle emissions and smoke, allowing as much air to the fire as possible. 

Before it was a legal requirement, we have been able to produce and sell Ecodesign Ready stoves which comply with the new guidelines, thanks to our concerns for the environment and our commitment to always evolving and improving.  

For the clearSkies multi-fuel and wood burning stoves, the certification means that a stove goes above and beyond the required Ecodesign Ready credentials. A low carbon and low emission heating option, clearSkies stoves are tested across four different types of emissions as well as efficiency.   

What can I do to help cut my emissions? 

When purchasing a new Ecodesign Ready stove, it is important to know how to properly use it. Fuelled by dry wood, modern wood burners offer a renewable, low emission, sustainable heating solution and low carbon. Make sure you choose sustainably sourced wood or solid fuels, store your logs in a dry area, regularly clean and maintain your stove and only burn the fuel your stove is compatible with.  

Modern stoves produce 90% fewer emissions than open fires, so if you are the owner of an open fire or a wood burner over 10 years old, the first step is to replace it. 

Whether you are looking for a traditional black wood burner or a modern, colourful stove, Arada Stoves has a variety of sizes and styles available.

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